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We`d like to consider ourselves a fairly good looking couple. We`re Hispanic in our early/mid 40s. We've been married for 20+ years and go where the flow takes us. We both work out 3-5 times a week and take GOOD care of ourselves and expect the same.

Mrs: 5'7 130 ish, dark hair, nice toned legs, shy at first and will open up as the night continues. She is all about sensuality, making out, touching and the right type of aggressiveness. She goes with the right flow. Want to know her more? Ask her to dance get her a drink :)

Mr. 5'10 185'ish, athletic, short faded hair, light beard, he is the outgoing one. He's laid back and feels the energy.

We're both Tequila drinkers. She also a wine drinker.

Our profile is constantly updated as we share new experiences. What hasn't changed is you being blocked if right from the start if you do not follow directions. If you are interested. Please provide a face picture. A "like"" can mean anything.. We only accept/request friends if we meet in public... We consider ourselves still new to the lifestyle but have had experience and would like to continue this ride. We've met some great people :)

It's not easy finding someone. We are looking for good, fun and safe memorable moments (Condoms rerquired) with the right people. We both decided that if we are doing this, there has to be mutual attraction. We are a team but we are not taking one for the team. We're looking for like minded people where the attraction is mutual..

We are looking for people who are in shape. You don't need to have an 8 pack but a 4.5 pack is a step in the right direction.

Husband is doesn't mind watching his wife being enjoyed by a couple, male or another female and if he feels like it, he will join in :) . What's wrong with letting out your inner savage?? Everyone has one.

Guys, If you are interested and if we decide to meet.
1.SEND A RECENT PICTURE with a brief intro. The pictures of the old you and not the current you is kind of like bait and switch lol. If not, you are automatically blocked.
2. Condoms are required
3' We will record the moment.
4. It will only be in a lifestyle event.
5. She prefers taller guys.
6. She likes to dance. No 1-2 steppers. It is a major turn off. You have to take control that is not her style.

A attractive male /couple for good times. IF you are interested, please be kind to include a face picture and a brief intro. We will reply with a picture if we are interested..

If we do not reply, please understand that we are not interested. So multiple emails and IM's will only get you blocked. Keep things simple.

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