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I am him and I am so fucking horny right now that I am about to tie her up and taste her in ways that has been running through my mind all day, but our schedules didn't allow. The thing is right now at this moment she is sleeping naked with her juice round ass resting against my soul, lol. So I go for it and slide out of bed. I find a length of rope under the kitchen cabinet. (Don't ask why it's there, lmao), thank goodness it was because the look that I seen in her eye when I woke her up rubbing my shaft across her lips and  she realized her hands and feet where tied. I seen Ecstasy written all over her face. 
   Hi we are Bellasilueta and Joe Smoking, our sexually free alter egos. We are learning what they like and don't like, so we are in the exploring stages. Please be Patient with us I understand that we are slowly growing into our full sexual selves.

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