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We will be here Jan 20-23-22 *!*

It’s true there is life after 50 and being singled at 53 sure didn't hurt! Semi retired young from law enforcement (thank f'ng god) and I work a few days a month with my service dog. The rest of the time I’m enjoying my second life with one extra special Nurse, finding out what trouble we can get into. Cannabis enthusiasts both , we are mostly just relaxing on our peaceful farm with the chickens or finding interesting places and people to share our time with. Plant medicine is always the topic here and we love to share what we have learned. Plants grow year round here so there is always something happening, though fall harvest is crazy ... Trim party anyone? Lol.
We love infusing our products with the oil and the extracts we make. Topicals and edibles alike, we are a good safe haven and have plenty of ammo for the zombies should the world end. At least we can go out with smiles and friends.
We have enjoyed trips to Temptation in Cancun and now with less travel on the horizon, are trying to create or find more fun close to home. At 30 Brittany is still trying to catch up with all my bedroom stories, but she is full steam ahead. Sorry guys, she really just craves having extra girl time, whether I'm there or not. Don't get me wrong, she enjoys the D but it would certainly be situational and instigated by her. She can keep on catching up, but if we have the chance to enjoy together, even better!! Ain't nothing like looking up at those two ladies as they stare in each other eyes, post ecstasy..... is there? Her SLS profile is NurseBB7, look her up ladies!

We are an niche couple that's for certain, age gap LS couples are a few notches above unicorn on the 'difficulty in locating scale'. World is full of unicorn hunters we all know this but fortunately I was well kept by my Ex. I'm 57, but look 47, feel 37, and act 27, which makes her the mature one at times. lol. We are also finding out we click best with those who enjoy the recreational or medical use cannabis.

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