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Last Online: Nov 03, 2017


We enjoy spontaneous play at house parties, clubs, or other swing events.

If we do agree to meet it doesn't mean we have agreed to have sex...(it doesn't mean we won't)...but just don't be pushy or pissy if it doesn't work out. We too, like everybody else on here, are "Picky". We are not Ken and Barbie (Both of whom have no genitalia). Neither one of us has or will "take one for the team" and we don't expect anyone else to either. If all involved decide we fit... then play on...if not...well...shit happens. If you have had more plastic surgery then Michael Jackson please do not contact us...we are not interested in latex play. If you smoke more then a 1958 Volkswagen with an oil leak...we are not interested in licking ashtrays. We assume that when you post a photo that it is recent and accurate. When we meet you we do not expect you to be clearly 40+ pounds heavier and 20 years older then in the photos that are posted. If you do not know what HWP (Height and Weight Proportionate) means...please look it up before contacting us. AND if you "prefer not to say" on your profile...then we prefer not to play with you and that you not contact us. Our pictures and measurement are current and accurate we expect that yours are as well.  We are not looking for notches on the bed post but we don't mind playing if all are on board. (Yes this means full swap and on the first date) We have listed soft swap as our profile status to eliminate the swing nazi's who think that all swingers should be full swap and have sex with them just because we/they are swingers. We will full swap....BUT ONLY if ALL involved agree. If we haven't offended you at this point then we probably are a good fit. PLEASE Contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

NO "D"s....EVER

Not looking for notches on the bed post. We will full swap if all agree and all are in the mood. But it is not required or expected. If we do consent to swap...CONDOMS are a Must.

If we invite you to one of our private parties...the courtesy of an RSVP would not only be appreciated...but in polite society its expected. If you can't come or just don't want to...a "NO Thanks" response is simple and we won't be hurt or insulted by it. There are too many Swing snobs who for some twisted reason feel that common courtesy doesn't apply on here. (How does anybody expect to "hook up" on here if they are going to be rude or snotty/snobby) Also....if you do say you are coming to our party and then don't show up....or cancel at the last minute...don't expect to be invited again and don't bother to contact us again...EVER. (This counts as Drama on Your part)

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