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Lives in: Orlando, FL

Last Online: Jan 01, 2016


Hello there, everyone. We're a couple in central FL looking for other like minded singles and couples who want to join us in some adventure, sexual and otherwise. Though we have never been to a swinger's club before, we are not new to swinging as a lifestyle.

She is caucasion, 5'6, 130lbs. He is African, French, & Cherokee (aka souther black lol) 5'8, 160lbs. If you want to see more photos of us, you can find them at https://fetlife.com/users/2689645

She is a bisexual switch with dominant tendencies. He is a straight (100% LGBT supportive) top, with no submissiveness to him at all. Neither of us smoke, do drugs, or drink alcohol, and we don't like to "play" with others who are under the influence. What you do on your own time is, of course, entirely up to you. Its just not something we want for us. :)

We also ask that people be intelligent. We enjoy good conversation.

We are also very into physical fitness/activities... martial arts, gym, camping, hiking, canoeing, etc... as well as greater adventures like tubing, sky diving, hang gliding, etc... and simpler things like ice skating, comedy clubs, etc... crafting, gardening, etc... live music, art.... any sort of adventure does us well.

We also like house gatherings  (that generally lead to sex... some swap, some do not. Its a personal choice that is always respected), watch movies, play board/video games, BBQ, etc... We are just people who like to have fun.

We also both enjoy photography/video and modeling... especially of the erotic sort. So if any of you models out there want to model with/be photographed by one the other, or both of us, or if any of you great photographers there want to photograph one the other, or both of us, please do let us know.

Things we both enjoy sexually:

Oral sex, deep throat (her giving, him receiving) anal sex (she likes to give [with strap on] and receive, and he likes to give), G/G sex, MFF 3-somes, MMF 3-somes, 4-somes, more-somes (the more the merrier lol), toy play, ass licking (giving and receiving), sex in public (places and in front of people), unique sexual experiences (whatever they may be) ie, sexual experiences that most people never get to have. Mutual massage... I'm sure there's more, but that's all we can come up with at the moment.

What he likes sexually:

He he has no real personal fetishes to speak of, but he does have plenty of kinks. Photo/video is one of them, lingerie, watching a woman masturbate, casual encounters... he's willing to participate and finds it exciting to participate in most fetishes, so long as he is on the giving end and not the receiving.

eg, he'll happily tie someone down, but has no interest in being tied down himself.

What he most likes of people is a lack of insecurities, and a willingness to explore... bold people, and dirty girls. Mainly, he's a pleaser. He likes making women feel good, but likes to maintain majority control.

At the end of the day, he is a celebrator of sexual liberty and sexuality in general.

What she likes:

She is much more into fetishes... BDSM, rough sex, breath play, spanking, pain play, double penetration, body worship...

Things she curious about/interested in:

Gang bangs, Domination (giving) over male and/or female, MMF 3-some with 2 bisexual men, blood play, needle play, massive group orgies... all we can think of atm. We'll add more as it comes to mind.

Also, for more of our general interests/kinks, you can review our fetish list at the bottom of the page.

Most of all, LET'S HAVE FUN! :)

We look forward to communicating, playing and most importantly, becoming friends with more like minded people!



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