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Modified quote from Nancy Upton - "I don’t believe that beauty should be qualified as BECAUSE of someone’s size[race,age] or IN SPITE of someone’s size[race,age]. Beauty is beauty, it’s fluid, it’s objective and it doesn’t need to be justified to or by anyone."


We have been swinging off and on now since 2003. In that time we have used several websites trying to meet others here in Richmond and the surrounding area. We each developed our interest in the lifestyle separately prior to meeting. As our relationship grew and we started discussing it we found that we had a similar interest. We found one of the appealing aspects of the lifestyle aside from the possibility of the physical gratification was being around other mature adults who were open minded and non-judgmental, or who were at least really trying to be. To be around people who were trying to be honest with themselves and their significant others and really working on communicating with them and their playmates.

We have always viewed this lifestyle as the cherry on top of an already awesome relationship. The lifestyle is not all we are or have to offer. However, each person or couple we meet we try to afford the same courtesy and respect as if they were someone we met out on the street, in the workplace, or a new neighbor. We try to treat people as human beings, with thoughts, opinions and emotions.. Not just as some toy to have our way with and toss away when we are done. That means being honest if we feel there is any compatibility, and especially when it's not there, even if it is only identified after the fact. We don't pretend it didn't happen, we don't ignore, we tell it like it is, politely and as gently as we can, but directly.

Perhaps we were, and have been, being too idealistic and naive. While we have been lucky enough to meet a small number of people over the years that share our view. What we have mostly found here in the Virginia scene are people who seem to be very selfish and self-centered or cliquish. It appears that when it comes to sex, any ideas about manners and common decency appear to go right out the window. It as if somehow because sex is involved that this is ok. That because it's about sex it's all “well as long I get mine and what I want, fuck everyone else.”

It doesn't take much.. try for instance a different opening line then "hey are you game" or "do you want to fuck?"

Perhaps try actually taking the 30 to 60 secs to email, IM, text, or even call someone back who you ostensibly are trying to make plans with and say.. sorry can't make it. You don't even need to explain why, just have the courtesy to respond. One way or the other.

If you find that this is to much, that the folks on sites like this and others are really of no consequence to you as long as you are getting what you want, when you want, how you want, others be damned. If this is how you prefer to treat your playmates and how you want to operate then please do us a favor and don't contact us, just roll on. If on the other hand you share our naive and idealistic notion, please continue on to the rest of our profile. Granted swinging may be a value add to our already existing lives, but that doesn't mean courtesy and manners have to go out the window.

Chapter 1 - Main profile

Well...most often we're looking for the car keys, or someone's left shoe. We spend a lot of time looking for new ways to save money, like how to fix the icemaker without calling a plumber. We're real people with bills and jobs, pets and relatives, places to be and shit to do. What we're looking for on SLS is a little break from all of that. A few hours where we can drop off the radar of everyday life and do something just because it feels great. We haven't been all that active for awhile because he has been in school. He recently graduated so perhaps now we can start playing again on the weekends instead of him studying.

We're looking for people just like us. We'd like to meet people who believe that the only games you should play while swinging are ones like Uno and (strip) Scrabble. We want to play with people who always remember that we're all here to have a good time.



We are a married couple in our 30's. We're both down-to-earth, relaxed people. We describe ourselves as laid-back and open-minded, meaning we don't care what color you are, or what you do for a living -- as long as you're respectful and you have a sense of humor we'll at least have fun hanging out. He's a bit of a computer geek, loves to laugh with a wicked sense of humor. She is very practical and likes things that have order and make sense. When they said opposites attract, they weren't kidding. He's outgoing, she's shy. He's a transplanted city boy, and she grew up way out in the sticks. But we do have a few things in common. We're both happily married (to each other), we know how to be discreet and when the chemistry is right and nobody has to work the next day, we can play all night long.

Fantasies and / or real experiences:

We like the feeling of being completely in the moment. To be able to abandon most rational thought, close your eyes and just feel. Feel without thinking. Have physical sensations that tingle and twinge, and never need to be explained. The memories we want to make are the little snapshots in your mind that flash back when you're at a stoplight in traffic....tangled arms, sweaty thighs, sticky-sweet skin...and that familiar rush when another orgasm ripples through. Those kinds of memories...not fantasies, but snapshots. Mental souvenirs of a night (or day) spent living solely for the moment, and taking each pleasure with a sense of entitlement.

Additional comments and things to do, see, hear or learn about:

Interested? Then send us an e-mail. We like to have an exchange of pics to help put a face with the name. We're not necessarily looking for X-rated pictures - body part close-ups are nice, but they don't really tell us much (other than that you have the required equipment).

An important thing is that we all communicate our interests and boundaries before things get started. We are all adults and should be able to have an adult conversation about sex.

We mostly play together as a couple and like playtime the most when everyone is involved. One of the greatest things for us is to watch our partner experience this kind of pleasure. We want the attraction and chemistry to be mutual for everyone involved. When you are playing with us please try and remember playing as a couple is important to us. Please do not try to be possessive of either of us. She is not interested in playing by her self but he is available for one on one encounters.

We have had experiences with couples and single men we are hoping to find a female we can have threesomes with as we have only had a couple of experiences with a FMF but have really enjoyed them and are looking to expand on our experiences there.. If your married and playing alone, we need to check with your spouse to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Please don't bother contacting us if it is just to join your yahoo group. We would like to meet people who are actually interested in us, not just looking to fill out their group membership.

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