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Living a Sex Positive Life comes to Secrets Hideaway

September 11th 2019

Recently announced! In a very special edition of Fairvilla University, Angelique & John C. Luna will be teaching a complimentary class to our #SecretsHideaway members on Tuesday, September 24th.

At 8pm Angelique & John will present "Navigating Bi-Sexuality" followed by a live broadcast and Q & A session for their Podcast "Living a Sex Positive Life"!

This exciting event coincides with our already popular #LGBT Night at #ClubSecret and only $5 covers your event admission, including a one-day membership to the resort.

Angelique Luna, started as a blogger, and transitioned into a sex educator and podcaster. She is also a certified kink therapy professional, so she helps people who have alternative sexual lives.

What does it mean to live a sex-positive life?

“It’s being authentic to yourself. And not being judgmental to yourself and others,” Angelique said.

There are a lot of different ways to enjoy sex. Sometimes we can be critical of ourselves because what we may enjoy is different than what we know or assume our family and friends enjoy with sex.

Angelique & John want people to feel good about their selves and their sexual choices. Will it make you happy, or make you feel shameful? Their goal with the podcast and the Fairvilla Univeristy classes is to eliminate the shame. Angelique and John work together to help normalize sex and remove the stigmas that often lead to this shameful feeling.