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Swinger Etiquette Class comes to Secrets Jan. 30th!

January 13th 2020

Newbie Night Thursday Meet & Greet at Secrets Hideaway is proud to present a very special discussion on Swinger Etiquette!

Angelique & John C. Luna of Sex Positive Me will lead this exciting class in Club Secret from 7 - 9pm on January 3oth. 

There is no additional charge for the class - just pay regular entry fee!

Only $45 per couple covers dinner, event entry & a ONE MONTH Membership! 

Swinger Etiquette: 

The swinging lifestyle is a community onto itself with its own rules and customs. Where do I find playmates? How do I let someone know I’m interested?  Can I set my own boundaries and what to do if someone violates them? How do I maintain my current relationship? Am I showing to much or to little attention? These and many more questions we’ll be answered as we discuss swinger etiquette. Whether you’re completely new or a seasoned swinger who just needs a review of what’s allowed and what’s taboo, this workshop is for you.

 - Angelique & John C. Luna