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Swinger Essentials: Your Go-Bag

Swinger Essentials: Your Go-Bag 

One of the first “tricks” I learned in the Lifestyle was always be prepared - with lube & condoms! There is no bigger mood killer than getting to the juicy part… only to realize that you are woefully under-prepared. 

Over the years I’ve heard these bags referred to Hoe Bag, Slut Bag, Play Bag, etc. However, no matter what you call them, you probably need one - or two even, or three? Just like condoms are not one-size-fits-all, neither are Go-Bags. 

I personally recommend two different versions of this all important LS accessory. One small clutch-type bag of play essentials and a larger bag that could double as an overnight bag if necessary. Generally, I carry the smaller bag and leave the larger bag in the car. 

In the smaller bag, I pack lube, condoms, lipgloss, gum or mints, eye drops & a hair tie. Occasionally I’ve even stuck in an extra pair of sexy panties… because you just never know! And if I have room, I’ll also add a small vibrator, because why not?!

For my larger bag, I pack the same assortment plus a few sexy essentials - personal hygiene wipes, a light robe, lingerie or nightie, a bikini, flip flops, and tall socks (my husband loves thigh-high socks, plus they keep my feet warm even if I’m naked!) Then of course I’ll add some fun toys, as well as a few toiletry / cosmetic items - tooth brush and mouthwash top the list, as well as makeup for quick touchups and a hair brush! 

Having these bags in my arsenal, pre-packed for last minute trips, has actually been key in multiple LS situations. It’s always nice to know that we are ready to “GO” when the need arises, and it helps me to feel more relaxed and open to situations knowing that we are well-prepared for whatever the night has in store! And that makes us all very happy Swingers!  

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