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James and Carmen

Since day one, James and Carmen have loved what the Lifestyle atmosphere has to offer. From the onset with Hedo Parties to today Secrets Hideaway Resort & Spa they know what the Lifestyle is all about.

Hedo Parties was James and Carmen’s beginning venture in the lifestyle business. They threw exceptional lifestyle parties at different venues. James had a different idea on what he and Carmen should do to make the Lifestyle better for everyone. He wanted to create a place where people could go not just to party but for a get away as well. The answer for this was to find a hotel. With the collaboration of different Lifestyle groups, Hedo Events and Club Secret were born. Club Secret was able to be open every weekend, and Hedo Events would be able to “takeover” the hotel property a few times a year to create clothing optional multi day events. In 2011 Swingers Break was the first of many hotel takeovers to come. That worked for a few years, but there was still the ultimate vision of a members only Lifestyle resort. Enter in Secrets Hideaway Resort & Spa. James and Carmen created a first of its kind 5-star Lifestyle resort. Their dream is finally becoming a reality.

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