Frequently Asked Questions

What is ''the lifestyle''?

There are several types of swinging or "lifestyles" as most veterans call it. Swinging, as defined by Patti Thomas in Recreational Sex is "as an alternative lifestyle for consenting adults who feel that sexual non-monogamy between committed partners greatly enhances their relationship,... Read More

What if we have a little too much to drink?

Get a room! We offer discounted hotel rooms to all of our members. The Club's Policy if a Bartender determines that you have had too much to drink, they will stop serving you alcohol. The Club Policy is to refrain from drinking and driving. We encourage everyone to get a room. It's cheaper... Read More

Can couples spend the night?

Absolutely! This is what sets us apart from all the other Lifestyle Clubs that do not permit overnight Lodging. We have our own hotel on site, so that you do not have to drive after a night of partying, and can take the fun back to your room after hours.  We are also close to the Orlando... Read More

Can women dance with each other?

This club was designed for women and couples in mind. As always, it is important to be respectful and ask first before touching anyone. We hope that we have created an environment where everyone feels comfortable enough to express themselves in a healthy way.

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What if we meet an acquaintance?

It may happen and if it does trust your instincts, the club is big enough for everyone. To be a member you must respect all others in the club and you may find that you like getting to know the acquaintance a whole lot better.

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What's the average age?

There really is no average age per se, members' ages range from the late 20's to the late 40's. We encourage members of all ages to participate and enjoy the club.

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What is the dress code for the club?

Most men wear dress slacks, dress or pressed sports shirt. Dress Jackets are preferred but not mandatory. Men dress to impress. No Torn clothing, baseball caps and tennis shoes are permitted. Remember, "Cleanliness is next to Godliness". Ladies come dressed in sexy, sensuous outfits that you... Read More

Do we have to participate in the club activities?

No, of course not. Many people come to just watch all the fun. No one at the Club is pressured to do anything except have fun. All the activities, games, music, entertainment, jacuzzi, soft lighting, great food, comfortable surroundings are for one purpose. To allow people to have a lot of fun... Read More

Why do you want me to bring my valid driver's license, State ID or Passport?

Club Secret­­® has a responsibility to provide a fun, safe environment for all members. We want to be absolutely sure each person entering the club is:

  1. Who they say they are
  2. Over 21 years of age

We require a personal interview with each... Read More

Should everyone swing?

Swinging is not for everyone. Often times the ladies will complain that their partner is too pushy and impatient and pressuring them to do things that they are not yet comfortable doing. We suggest that the first time you visit the Club just relax and enjoy some of the recreational activities... Read More

Why swing if you are single?

For single females, the sky is the limit. You have the opportunity for "the best of both worlds" and probably more single females would enjoy swinging if they were better exposed to it. For the single man, in order to be a success, you will need to be patient and easy-going. Socialize with the... Read More

What sort of people come to the club?


Our members tend to be upscale, mature, fun loving, open-minded and curious. But most importantly, our members are our best assets and we want members of the club who are fun-loving and respectful of others. Membership is... Read More

What can I expect once I become a member?

Once your membership is approved at the Secrets Hideaway™/Club Secret® and you pay the party fee at the door, one of our Hosts will take you on a tour of the facility and explain some simple rules and answer any questions you may have. If you have never visited our Resort you may... Read More

Is a membership required?

Secrets Hideaway™/Club Secret® is a private Resort and requires that everyone be a member. You must be 21 years of age to become a member. Applications are processed on premise only. This is due to paperwork and verification of your photo ID. Make sure you bring your valid photo ID... Read More

How do I login?

Login using the email address and password created during your account sign up. If you forgot your password you can request a new one via the forgot password link.

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