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Standard Plan

Plan Benefits

  • Every Member is ID Verified - Members Are ID Verified at Secrets In-Person when approving their accounts.
  • Keeping Out Fakes - Members Only Friend Members they have actually met in person.
  • Member Blocking - Every Verified Member can See your Profile, Posts, and RSVPs, unless you manually block them. Blocking works in both directions, and can be undone by sending a friend request, and having it accepted by them.
  • You Profile - Every Member can see unless blocked.
  • Members Posts - Every Verified Member can See your Posts, unless blocked
  • RSVP to Events - Every Member can see your RSVP, unless blocked.
  • Commenting on Posts- All Members see the comments, unless blocked.
  • Monitored Network - All Posts and Photos Are Approved by the Secrets Staff.
  • Positive Vibes - No Negativity, Hate Speech, Politics or Advertising.
  • Not on Social Media- Not Shared on FB, IG or other Public Social Media


This subscription plan comes free with your registration!

Premium Plan

Plan Benefits

  • Everything in the Standard Plan in addition to the following benefits
  • 2 Free House Drinks or 1 Premium Drink at Secrets a month ($9 average value)
  • 10% Off at Fairvilla You will receive 10% off at all Five in Florida.
  • Member to Member Messaging - Member to Member Messaging at Secrets.
  • Blast Your Friends Wall – Find your Premium Friends who already checked-in. Let them know where you are at anytime. Examples: At Pool Bar, On Dance Floor, or Room 101.
  • Friends Only RSVP List – You and Your Friends can see each other’s RSVPs, without announcing it to All Members. You can still RSVP to All Members if you choose.
  • See Who Checked-In – See Friends Who Checked-In.
  • Friends Only Posts - Only your Premium Friends see Your Friends Only Posts.
  • Friends Only Wall - All of your Friend’s Only Posts are all on one Private Wall for Your Premium Member Friends.
  • Friends Only Posts – Topless Photos are Only Allowed to Your Premium Friends Only Posts.
  • Free Members Profile Block – Free Members who are Friends can see you.
  • One Day Early Booking for Certain Special Events – Premium Members will get a 24 hour early booking advantage on designated Special Events, which will be indicated in advance when the event is posted.

  • No Long-Term Commitments – Premium Plans may be paused to Standard.
  • No Financial Stress – You can revert back to a non-paying member at anytime, and give up the additional benefits once your monthly subscription ends. Upgrade again at a later date, and your Private Posts and Premium Friends will still be there.


Upgrade Your Membership to Premium Today to get all of these additional benefits. 

The Monthly Free Drink Offer basically covers your costs, in addition to 10% off at Fairvilla.

Enjoy the direct communications with your Premium Friends.

Finding your checked-in friends at Secrets has never been this easy, as people wander and get lost in crowd having fun.  

All this for just $9.00 a month.

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