Dating Apps - Tips and Recommendations

Posted: October 2nd, 2020

That moment you and your partner are ready to take the plunge and throw yourself out there to the world of introducing new couples, fantasies, and maybe a hot stud into the bedroom – where do you go? What do you say? Will anyone, figure out it is you? OMG, Can we go back to what do you say?!

I remember the first time the statement popped up – "Grab their attention with your headliner" Ummm well, I am funny, Cute, Sexy, and looking for fun times… Seems about average, right? Then you get to the next question – what do you like to do for fun? Well, long walks on the beach and dancing under the stars is a little too romantic, but hey, could be what you are looking for... So we do what we are programmed to do, we write something to capture an audience, we hook them in hopes that our messages will be filled with exactly what we are looking for and then get disappointed when we don't get what we hoped for. Can you already tell where I am going with this? Be honest with what you are looking for, what you expect, and where your limits are. Remember, – the most critical word in the Lifestyle is COMMUNICATION- I repeat – COMMUNICATION.

In my opinion, when we go looking for these apps, we have an excellent idea of what and who it is we are looking for. We aren't playing guess the kink or fetish; it is genuine that one is looking for a likeminded individual to connect with, whether it is to be intimate with, scandalous with, or only for friendship – communicate those desires and let the rest happen organically.

Creating a profile and answering these very questions can feel intimidating; you don't want to look too nice or too forward, too dull.. The reality is – you need to be you. Open and honest with what you want when searching, so you are not wasting your time or anyone else's time. More important, you don't want to get a bad taste in your mouth (no pun intended) that the apps aren't all that "great" if you are not using them for what you intended to use them for. Still with me here? I mean, feel free to leave a little to the imagination – we really do not need to know about lil Jimmy's softball game.

Before taking that dive into the world of Lifestyle dating apps - Ask yourself and/or your partner, what am I/We looking for? Is it someone to take you on a date to the beach and dance under the stars? Maybe you want someone to meet you at a bar while your spouse sits in the corner and watches you get hit on and possibly leave together so you can go to the car, have incredible sex in the parking lot while your other half is being cuckolded. Possibilities are endless, and it opens a safe way to meet others to communicate those sexy naughty fantasies. Regardless of what you want out of your membership – be open and honest, and please do not "catfish or hatfish" ladies and gentlemen. That brings me to a few safety tips – not only for your heart but for your well-being.

Number one – ask for a live photo; if someone is genuine and wanting to meet you, this is an honorable thing to agree to. I recommend asking the person you are chatting with to send you a photo with a peace sign or some fingers being held up – if you are texting, you can take a picture.

Number two – We all want to use a filter or 30 – but unless you plan on going to meet with puppy ears or bunny whiskers on your first encounter, ditch the filter. Let the person you are going to meet see the real you. If all goes well, they will see you in the am, so let's not scare anyone.

"If you don't look like your profile picture, you are going to stay here and drink with me until you do." 

Number three – Guys, this is for you – PAY ATTENTION – do not send pictures of your family jewels without asking for it. I know, I know, it's the most significant assets you feel you have, and if you just send countless of dick pics, we are going to rush right over to you and ravish your manhood. Has it happened yet? NO, so just stop. It DOES NOT WORK. For the love of everything in a human – DO NOT CALL OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Not cool, we are not going to wake up at 2am to have phone sex after the first hey, how are you. Chill, seriously, don't be that guy.

Number four – Ladies, this is for you – If he does NOT respond for days, no need to keep blowing up his DM, messages, do NOT try to find him on FB – if he is not responding, he is NOT into you. It is that simple. Nope, he didn't lose his phone; he knows it is you and isn't interested. Women are emotionally little fun creatures – we like to think that they are just super busy, but really they aren't.

Number five – This is safety, ladies and gents – should your messaging be going the direction you want and you decide to meet this sexy/hunk of your fantasies in person – always and I mean ALWAYS tell someone you trust where you are going, the time you are meeting and check in with your said peeps. If you are meeting someone new, there should be a level of respect that your safety is essential and that you will be checking in with a friend. If the person you are meeting has a problem with this – let's go ahead and reconsider dating. DO NOT PUT YOURSELF IN HARMS WAY, people. Be safe and be smart.

More than just connecting with like-minded people, getting some freak nasty out in the open, these lifestyle apps provide you with other information to help connect with others. Want to meet a group of people? Check out the events tabs and see what is going on in your area. Want to get a small group together to meet? Create your own event. Want to know where to go where you can be naked? Clothing optional? Have sex in a pool in public? Maybe even meet some people before heading to one of these sexy places – create your profile, sign up for your membership, and have fun.

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