Enjoying the Stranger

Posted: September 26th, 2019

She watched him walk across the bar, the bulge in his jeans as undeniable as his deep brown eyes. He casually leaned against the pool table and took a long swig of his beer, before casting a slow smile in her direction. She immediately felt the heat spread across her face, and a surprising warmth building between her legs. She quickly turned away. 

“Like what you see?” 

The sudden voice startled her, causing her to dribble dirty martini down her chin. Her husband reached across the table and wiped the alcohol from her face. 

“It’s okay,” her husband proceed as he took a seat beside the petite blonde. “I don’t mind you looking. I like to see you aroused.” 

“Who says I’m aroused?” She smoothed her hair, sipped her drink, and stole another glance in the stranger’s direction. 

Oh she was aroused alright. She liked the way his t-shirt stretched across his muscular chest, and the tightness of his ass as he bent forward for his next shot. She imagined that it was her he was behind, leaning into her slight frame, his bulge pressed against her bottom. 

“I can see it in your eyes,” her husband replied, softly kissing her neck. “And its very sexy. I want to see him fuck you.” 

Her eyes widened. They’d discussed the possibility before, but never so bluntly. 

Before she could respond, her husband stood and made his way through the crowd, towards the stranger. After a brief exchange, he returned to the table and took her hand. 

“Come on. I already paid the tab.” 

She normally would have argued to stay. She normally would have asked what was going on. But something about the shimmer in her husband’s blue eyes had her curious. He smiled softly to himself as he lead his pretty bride out of the bar and back towards their room in the adjoining hotel. 

Back inside their room, there was a package she hadn’t noticed before. 

“Open it,” he prodded. 

She obeyed and slid back the tissue paper, revealing a black, cup-less harness with matching leather ankle and wrist cuffs. 

“Try it on.” Her husband took her hand and lead her to the bathroom. She followed, dazed, but too excited to argue. 

Once alone, her damp panties clung against her shaved pussy as she slid off her shorts. She heard a soft knock on the hotel room door, hushed voices, the clink of glass bottles. Her hands shook as she stepped into the harness and adjusted the strapped to fit around her small, perky breasts. 

Suddenly there was a knock at the bathroom door. Expecting her husband, she twisted the knob and stepped aside. The stranger stood before her, shirtless, his bulge more noticeable now. 

Without a word, he wrapped his hand tightly in the base of her long hair and tilted her head back. She gasped slightly, then softly moaned as the stranger lightly traced his tongue along her neck and jawline. He guided her out of the bathroom and towards the freshly un-made bed. 

She leaned into his athletic build as he cupped her bare breasts in his hands, flicking the nipples roughly with his thumbs. Her husband approached her from behind, gently stroking her exposed bottom as the stranger continued teasing her bosom, before methodically tracing his hands down her naked body, towards her warm, dripping box. 

His girthy fingers spread her slick pink pussy lips and immediately found her happy button. She squirmed as his fingers entered her body, but her husband held her firmly in place, forcing her to take the pleasure the stranger was giving. 

In a rush, sweet and hot and poignant, her body gave in, and she came in the stranger’s hand, her husband holding her up as her legs trembled in her black stilettos. 

As the rush subsided, her husband escorted her to the bed and stepped aside. The stranger pushed her into the sheets, face down. He grabbed her hips, his large fingers leaving red marks against her pale skin, and thrust his dick into her cum soaked pussy. 

She moaned as the stranger repeatedly buried his fuck-stick into her tight little hole. Louder and louder she purred, knowing her husband was watching the show. 

“Do you think you can take us both?” the stranger whispered, setting her once again over the edge in a flood of juices.

Without waiting for a reply, the stranger flipped her over and pulled her sweating body down onto his, once again sliding his thick-rod deep into her swollen box.  Her husband deeply kissed her moaning lips while lightly tracing his thumb around her tight backdoor. In an instant, he was inside of her, his dick pressing against the sides of her asshole as he held her firmly in-place on the stranger’s dick. Both men thrust inside her. She had never felt such pleasure, such pressure, such fullness. It was as if her body were being consumed by these two well-hung men, as they repeatedly stretched her tiny pussy and ass with their massive cocks. She screamed as her body flushed and trembled, squirting lovely juices all over the stranger’s chest. Yet they didn’t stop. They couldn’t. They were filled with need and kept pounding her sweet holes. 

In a synchronized move that could never be planned, both men simultaneously withdrew their rods from her body, pushed the quivering woman down onto the bed, and covered her in a shower of cock juice. Panting, she lay spread out on the bed as the cum ran over her breasts, and pooled in her belly button. 

Then just as suddenly as he had come in, the stranger pulled on his jeans, quickly kissed her parted lips, and walked out of the hotel room. She didn't even know his name.