Finally Friday .... and ready to play!

Posted: September 26th, 2019

It’s Friday afternoon, I rush home from work to wash my hair and finish packing. I feel the stress start to melt down the tub drain. I pour a glass of wine. My husband walks in from work, we rush to pack the car and attend to last minutes necessities. Finally, we are in the car. I’m wearing the sexiest sundress I could find, looking adoringly at my freshly-shaved husband. It’s Friday night and we are heading to Secrets Hideaway Resort and Spa!

We have a two hour drive. Far enough away to give me time to unwind. We listen to our favorite songs and enjoy the rare moments we have alone during the week. As we get on the turnpike, I know we are close. I start getting antsy. 

Finally! There it is! The Secrets sign. I feel at home as soon as I walk into the lobby. All of the staff, who have become my friends, are there to greet us by name. I finally feel completely relaxed. The outside world doesn’t exist for the next two days. 

In the room, we kiss, and our mouths taste warm with the liquor we are sipping. I slide my clothes off and feel a wave of freeness pass over me. I hate clothing. And I don’t have to wear any to hang by the pool here! One of my favorite things. But little thong bikinis are fun to start in, so I tie the pretty pink string behind my neck and we walk, hand in hand, to the tiki bar. 

With two tiki bars to choose from, we can always find a familiar face. The selection of Island Oasis frozen drinks makes it easy to find something yummy to enjoy! We sit in the shade of the bar and chat with friends. Its finally Friday. I finally feel completely at ease. I can’t wait to get my body wet, and I have multiple options of doing so - the resort has two 12-person spas, a lovely & temperate conversation pool, and a full size pool for cooling-off. My husband unties the little pink strings for me and I submerge my naked body into the bubbling spa, strawberry margarita in hand. It’s going to be a great weekend. 

Flirting and chatting in the hot-tub is so much fun! But I want to shower and doll-up before dinner, so we head upstairs. The condo we rented is super sexy, and the bed is simply delicious to stretch naked across. Playful swatting across my naked ass ushers me into the warm shower.  It comes complete with a full length window so I entertain hubby and press my soapy ass against the glass. 

A quickie romp in the sheets, hair blowdried, sexy sundress and cute wedge heels, and we head down for the dinner buffet. Hubby grabs us drinks from the tiki bar and we sit down at a nearby table to enjoy a bite before the nightly festivities begin. The tables are large and there’s plenty of room for friends. Soon, we are eating and laughing with new and old faces. I feel free and the conversation flows easily. 

Club Secret opens at 9 pm and I’m excited for the theme party! Some of the other ladies and I have coordinated our outfits and it’ll make for some really sexy and fun pictures later on. My handsome husband walks me back to our room so I can slip into something a little more revealing and touch-up my makeup. We are meeting a few other couples in a friend’s room for drinks before we head to the club. Soon everyone is smiling, passing drinks, telling stories. Some great memories have been made at this resort! We all laugh and decide to make our way to the club. 

Walking to the club, my mind wanders to the playrooms. They are open until 4am, so there’s plenty of time to play. I can’t help but picture sexy scenes in the Dungeon playroom, hot & naked bodies entwined in the group shower, and fucking my husband for everyone to see. The sex swing caught my eye last time we were here, and I’m determined to put it to good use tonight!

All of our friends are in the club, we have two bars to choose from and a huge dance floor. Everything we need for a fun-filled evening! The music vibrates through my body and I can’t help but sway to the beat. We decided to reserve a table and bought a bottle of Grey Goose (or whatever brand you carry). The large sofas are nice to cuddle on and slip my heels off for a few, and the entertainment is sexy! With 5 stripper poles and plenty of willing guests, I have a great view any way that I look. 

Watching all the scantily clad, sensuous men and women on the dance floor has me all worked up and we make plans to slip off to the playrooms for a while. We invite some friends along, and tell others we’ll catch up for a late-night chat in the spa. Kisses all around and my friend’s husband takes my hand. It’s definitely turning out to be a fantastic Friday! And the very best part? Tomorrow, we get to do it all over again xoxo