Good Boys Like A Bad Girl.....

Posted: August 21st, 2020

“I feel your arms sneaking up behind me, caressing my backside – your kiss plunging into the side of my neck while you lay me down – your body is pressed against my back - I yearn for your touch. You whisper in my ear you belong to me, while you gently place my arms above my head. Your grip tightens around my hands while your other hand grabs ahold my hips and pulls me in closer. I am yours…”

Where does your mind go? What happens next? Often we have this little bad girl just waiting to come out and play. Before we know it, that responsible adult – the good girl comes back. The phone is ringing, texts are coming, are you kidding me the dog ran away? Where is your homework?! Yes, I am cooking dinner, no, I forget to get the milk... Sound familiar?

The fun thing about being a part of the lifestyle is taking those much adult needed breaks, connecting with friends, and letting our wild side out. I have had the pleasure of meeting with women that still hold back and just tipping their toes in the waters to see what it is all about. Just like exploring the lifestyle, take time to explore that bad girl and your own sexuality. 

A huge misconception when hearing the term “Bad Girl” is a barrier that one needs to breakthrough. It does not mean that you are trashy, that you sleep around, or do not have self-respect. As one that enjoys reading to gain more knowledge of sexuality, one of the books that I enjoyed reading was Barbara Keesling, Ph.D.; The Good Girl’s Guide To Bad Girl Sex. I have to say, after reading the first 2 chapters, I had a new understanding and was ready to break the “good Girl” cycle – I have wants and needs just like the next. This book is hands-on – genuinely hands-on.

Life gets hectic – routine can surely take over and leave us to believe that we do not always have time to explore that devilish side. Just like we make time for everything in our lives, it is essential to explore your sexuality and fantasies. Take some time to yourself and pull out that sexy side. Learn new techniques, explore yourself, and let your inner bad girl shine.

One of the many aspects that people enjoy about Secrets is the ability to openly explore different sides in one place. Dressing sexy, being naked poolside, maybe playing with your partner in public, connecting with another like-minded person, feeling kinky and stopping by the dungeon to get a little spank spank, dancing all night and not worried about how scandalous you are dressed, maybe you want to have some fun sex, not in your room – head over to the playrooms, bring a friend or 6. All these areas of sexuality to explore and be a part of in one sexy place? Yes, please, and Thank you!