How We Discovered the Lifestyle

Posted: December 5th, 2019

How We Discovered the Lifestyle :

My parents are in the military and I thought we had a pretty open relationship with them. There weren’t many secrets, or at least I thought. 

They loved traveling (no big deal right?).  They were always in Germany or Paris or on a cruise somewhere. I never thought a huge deal about it. Hell at the time I didn't even know what a swinger was much less that there are clubs all over the world. 

Skip forward a few years. My younger brother was using my parent’s cell phone and came across a site that confused him. I brushed it under the rug and moved on. After all, it’s their life and if they are into whatever let them be into it! Who am I to judge? I like some kinky stuff myself. 

Curiosity made the cat’s mind super dirty in this scenario and, as I am not big on lying, I really felt the urge to ask about their secret life. One day, while having lunch out with my parents, I just decided to throw it out there! 

“Don’t lie to me… are you guys swingers?” 

And out of the blue they unraveled a world I couldn't even imagined existed, much less with my parents! They aren't exactly party animals! 

Time passed and my husband and myself became more and more curious,  asking them question after question. One night my parents invited us to come check out the Lifestyle for ourselves! 

Having been together for the past 12 years, communication & trust hasn’t been an issue in our relationship. It worked for our vanilla life at least. So we figured hey, why not?! 

We arrived at Secrets November 9th to celebrate our anniversary and my dad's birthday. Oh the awkwardness that went along with all this! Secrets at first glance was hugely mind blowing and I was concerned that we were not ready for this situation. I arrived in jeans and a bra and not 1, but 2 tank tops. My husband wore jeans, underwear, an under shirt and even a hoodie. My mom… well she’s a pro, so she wore just enough to cover but not scare us away! Ha!

The first thing we did was walk around the resort browsing rooms. This was our first time seeing people just being free and I was like a kid in a candy shop! Hands pressed against windows, I was freely watching stuff that is supposed to be private! Just watching a shower. Just watching a man with his leg up shaving his 2 round friends. These people live so free! They are so confident. But I had to wonder, do they act the same outside of their rooms? Will I ever be that comfortable?

We attended dinner that night and they served beef ravioli and beef brisket. I can say that dinner was on point. Then we got dressed for the white event. Nobody had noticed us really before, so i figured maybe we just weren't fitting in. 

We danced and we drank and my God was it freeing and damn the people on the dance floor were beautiful in their confidence! Bodies on bodies on more bodies. It was so intoxicating the way these women carried themselves and their husbands were so obviously proud of them. 

The women in the Lifestyle are a creature like no other. They are perfection. They leave no stone unturned in making sure they look their best. I loved the energy and took in every ounce of it. 

We made friends and stayed in that hot tub all night, NUDE! We broke a barrier that we had never done before and it was something so freeing. We watched the sun come up with some new friends. We played anywhere and everywhere we saw fit and then we even stayed a whole extra night, because honestly who wants to leave?!

So there you have it - my parents introduced us to the Lifestyle. They introduced us and we haven't turned back since! We have been full speed ahead, counting down until each event. Waiting for the moment we get to be free again. ’Til we don't have to pretend who we are or cover up what we like. ‘Til we see the faces of our Secrets’ friends again! 

Until next time,