To give enjoyable head, enjoy giving head

Posted: September 1st, 2020

The art of going down on your man is a sensual, sexy, and fun way to give pleasure. Ladies and gentlemen now is the time to dress your sexiest, position yourself to be comfortable, keep some props close by, grab a mirror to set behind you or next to you. An erection is not just about the penis my friends, the eyes and mind are vital in creating a performance. Get to know your partner, what they like and what they do not like. Men, take the time to do the same, how you follow your partners lead during head – can determine how often your partner is willing to give it.  In order to do this, both parties need to understand their body language, listen to the moans, feel the throbbing and squirming. There is nothing sexier than looking up at your partner while you are bringing them total ecstasy and looking down and seeing your partner is enjoying giving you total ecstasy.

I have always joked that if you see my hair go in a ponytail, it is about to get real in the blow job department. Be ready, once you start, you do not want to take the moment away from yourself or your partner to go look for something you may want to use. Believe me, there are lots of items that can be used while giving head. Ready to get started with some tips and tricks for giving great head?

-Callie Press, Author of Give Good Head: How to please any man made a strong statement of order – “I’ll repeat it in bold: Mouth/lips, throat, hands, tongue, fingers.”

Make sure that your lips are moisturized, this makes a difference. Just like we want soft touches – so do our men, a penis is sensitive, and it is noticeable if your lips are rough. The sensitive little balls that often get neglected, play with them. GENTLY. I will say it again for those in the back – PLAY with the balls GENTLY. Whether it is with saliva or flavored lube – get them nice and wet and gently rub across the balls, play with them and enjoy them.

Lubrication is key when pleasing the penis – if you feel your mouth is getting dry or you just want to get it slippery and wet – drop your mouth down and breathe through your nose – once your saliva glands start to kick in, take your hand around the base of his penis and slowly start using your hand and your mouth and lips to give a sensational feeling while you are giving your gag reflux a break. If your man likes you looking at him, this is a great time to look up at him while you are giving a different technique. While stroking the penis use your tongue to kiss around the meatus area (the small opening at the tip head) – this is another extremely sensitive area of the penis, so use extreme care when playing with this area. Stick the tip of your tongue ON.. I repeat ON that spot and apply medium pressure while you are using your hand to stroke his balls and penis.

Establish before hand what your preference is when it comes to swallowing or spitting. Men if you just assume and it is not something that your partner wants, your chances of blow jobs will lesson. The goal is to make giving and receiving head enjoyable for both partners. Communicate the desires and then establish the happy ending. There are some great websites out there that go into detail about giving great blow jobs, if you have a gag reflux – it is possible to train the gag reflux so it is desensitized for a more enjoyable experience. One article that I personally recommend is written by Sean Jameson in the Bad girls Bible – 11 Secret Techniques to deep throating your man like a pro – Take your time, practice training your gag reflux and happy head giving.