Established 2016

About Us

Ravish brings together like-minded adults for friendship, learning and fun through dazzling and creative events that transport the mind and make fantasies a reality. Our members are open minded, warm and welcoming to all. Ravish is both the perfect place to start for the newly curious and it is a social home for those experienced in the delightful variety of fetish, swinger and polyamorous lifestyles. So come by yourself or bring a companion, but please do join us at our next cocktail social or event. We are looking forward to meeting you and introducing you to some new friends!

Our Story

We wanted to meet and connect with other like minded sexy adults at gorgeous and sensual events.  As with many things, we found that the best way to get what we wanted was to make it ourselves.  We began with our very first event in the spring of 2015.   We labored over the details of the food, decor, music and ambiance because we wanted everything to look, sound and taste delicious.  Like any good host, we planned how we would ensure that our party was welcoming to all and how we would facilitate social connections between our guests.  Our guests promptly rewarded us by interpreting the theme in some incredibly creative and exquisite ways in their attire, by showering us with glowing reviews and by making lasting connections with us and each other.

Our Events

We followed that first success with a series of events: a formal fall Masquerade Ball and a holiday party in 2015; a Mysteries of the Orient party and a second Masquerade Ball in 2016; a Bacchanalia party and the weekend-long Camp Ravish in 2017. Along with our larger gala worthy events, we have smaller, fun and educational gatherings such as the first in our “Ravish U” series called “Girl Play 101”. Our commitment to providing the best for our members has brought speakers, presenters and entertainers to Austin from both coasts. Our focus on quality and attention to detail challenges what an “all-inclusive” adult night out is supposed to be.

Our Members

Ravish is home to those who are happily partnered and single.  Our members are innovators and free-thinkers; the shy and the bold; engineers and artists; doctors, lawyers and scientists; nerds and fashionistas; professors and the self educated. If you have an open heart and mind, are seeking to expand your social circle and add to your list of interesting experiences, we would like to welcome you to Ravish.

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